MunaCroft Global Services, (MGS) is a technology solutions and consulting services company that offers government and commercial businesses our expertise and cutting-edge technology solutions.

About Us

Founded in July 2006, We firmly believe in offering exceptional value to our clients using state-of-the-art technology. Our core business practices are built around acquiring and honing our expertise in the latest front-line technologies, and we strive to keep ourselves on the cutting-edge of the technology scene.

Our focus on continuous training, sharing project experiences through our intranet-based Knowledge Management System and building a learning culture at MGS equips our consultants, project managers and developers with in-depth knowledge of core technologies and processes. At MGS we have always believed in this axiom and have endeavoured to acquire a strong conceptual and technical understanding of core underlying technologies that benefit our clients.

Our corporate headquarters is located in the United Kingdom. 

Our Approach

At MunaCroft Global Services (MGS), we encompass a combination of industry-specific knowledge with analysis expertise in software and technology. With the in-depth understanding of business processes, such proficiency facilities help in the delivery of valuable insight for business owners across multiple domains.

  • Infrastructure Audit -  Get a comprehensive analysis of the security and safety of your IT Infrastructure. Make your organization’s IT resources more agile and flexible to support emerging technologies and changes. Evaluate your IT resources intermittently and ensure that they are contemporary to meet your business needs at the moment and in the future. An audit is a snapshot of the effectiveness of your network, and it reveals any issues that contribute to unnecessary production problems or business safety. For each and every area examined, we suggest recommendations that will boost your IT environment to a standard that can be managed and be maintained in the approved manner.
  • Defining Business Process Problems, Challenges, and Opportunities - By defining problems appropriately, you make them easy to solve, which means saving time, money and resources.
  • Expert Report - Our experts understand the challenges in the industry and act as advisors to our customers. They come up with the most cost-efficient and advanced technical and economic solutions to solve your business challenges.
  • Defining Technical Requirements - Our expert analysts identify, document and validate all operational, performance and technical architecture requirements and all relevant technical factors which may impact the technical architecture of the proposed solution. This process is indispensable for developing and implementing a solution that meets all the security, performance and functionality requirements.
  • Solution Design - User experience is a critical factor for your project success. We work in accordance with the best practices in user-centered design, without losing focus on the business goals of our clients.
  • Development - MGS employs over 40 experienced software development experts. Our team has the capacity and expertise to create, launch and support solutions of any complexity and scalability.
  • QA (Quality Assurance) - Reliable quality assurance is an essential part of any implementation methodology. MGS system analysts work closely with the customer’s personnel to create an efficient and working technology. They bring it to life through communication, documentation and applicable procedures.
  • Solution Integration - MGS provides solid solutions in system integration and consulting services that cover all the stages of business automation. System Integration allows the workload to be automated better, reduce processing time and reduce human input error, while increasing the overall efficiency. Our software specialists will look into your existing systems and suggest improvements that can be made. This is by either developing a bespoke software that enhances better connection with your existing systems or creating a new single program which operates across all departments on multiplexed operating systems.
  • Support - MGS has an extensive experience in maintaining and enhancing functional and dependable IT systems. They are either developed by our team or maintained by our engineers years after deployment.