Enterprise architecture is a comprehensive framework used to manage and align an Organisation's IT assets, people, operations, and projects with its operational characteristics. In other words, the enterprise architecture defines how information and technology will support the business operations and provide benefit for the business.

It illustrates the organisation’s core mission, each component critical to performing that mission, and how each of these components is interrelated. These components can include:

  • Guiding principles
  • Organisation structure
  • Business processes
  • People or stakeholders
  • Applications, data, and infrastructure
  • Technologies upon which networks, applications and systems are built

Enterprise Architecture at MGS is about developing and facilitating strategies related to the configuration of the enterprise computing environment, systems, data, and applications. Our Enterprise Architects not only do all that, they can also…

  • Identify and design system interfaces required for effective data and application integration
  • Provide technology selection assistance
  • Develop data and application architectures, policies and procedures in support of Organisational goals and objectives
  • Develop computing standards and policies that support Organisational goals and objectives